16 Questions You Need to Ask When Evaluating a New IT Provider

Finding the right IT fit for your business is tough. It always helps to ask the correct questions, so we have compiled 16 that will help you to successfully gauge the personality and capabilities of the MSPs you are considering. Take a look at each and incorporate the ones that will benefit your business the most!

  1. Why should we work with your firm?
  2. Why shouldn't we work with your firm?
  3. What are the biggest challenges to a successful partnership?
  4. How does the escalation process work? What if I am not satisfied with the response/resolution time of a particular service ticket or project?
  5. What end user training do you provide, other than cybersecurity awareness training?
  6. What reports do you provide to the management team, and what is the cadence?
  7. What does the onboarding experience look like with your firm?
  8. What do you believe your differentiators are compared to other IT providers?
  9. Do you use in-house or contracted resources for services?
  10. What would you need for a successful transition to your service?
  11. How often do you meet with your customers for future planning?
  12. We were just hit with ransomware: what would the Disaster Recovery process look like?
  13. A new team member starts at your organization. They receive a ticket from our organization. What did their onboarding look like to ensure they are ready and able to effectively manage that request?
  14. How do you monitor customer satisfaction and quality assurance on an ongoing basis?
  15. How often do you raise prices and when did you last raise prices for customers?
  16. We have a new employee starting, what does that process look like for your team? What should we expect and what would they expect from us?

These questions cut through the fluff of sales speak and get right to the needs of your business, allowing you to find an MSP that is capable of propelling your IT to the next level. For a full list of reasons to utilize each of these questions, make sure to check out our 16 Questions To Ask When Evaluating A New Provider E-Book.

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