5 Surprise Benefits of Engaging Cybersecurity Consulting Services

cybersecurity consulting services

Approximately 83 percent of companies are expected to rely on cybersecurity consulting services and monitoring even if they have in-house IT technicians. The reasons typically involve saving money and the fact that technology employees simply do not have the time to maintain a laser focus on the latest hacking strategies or malware threats.

Global malware attacks tipped the 5.5 billion mark in 2022, a reported increase of 2 percent compared to 2021. In the U.S. alone, more than 422 million individuals were reportedly impacted by data breaches and information exposure. Attempts to steal access to sensitive and valuable information in the financial, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors have substantially increased and organizations require determined cybersecurity solutions.

What a Cybersecurity Consultant Does

Cybersecurity consulting professionals have emerged as critical business resources in recent years. They bring knowledge, experience, and understanding of how modern-day hackers try to breach systems. A consultant works diligently to evaluate an organization’s risk exposure and implement a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy to deter garden variety hackers and respond to serious threat actors.

As hackers continue to expand their blunt-force methods and hone their ruses, cybersecurity consultants create new defensive postures to turn them back. It’s important for decision-makers to keep in mind that digital thieves won’t stop devising new schemes to slip through the latest defenses. That’s why companies typically work out a scalable agreement for continuous cybersecurity consulting services.

How Cybersecurity Consulting Services Help Your Business

The CyberTeam takes a three-prong approach to creating cybersecurity solutions for businesses. Certified and highly skilled professionals go to great lengths to vet an organization’s network, practices, and policies. Conducting deep dives such as penetration testing and reviews of endpoint devices are part of a risk assessment that identifies exploitable weaknesses.

With this information in hand, the CyberTeam works closely with leadership to craft a pragmatic cybersecurity strategy. Along with combating anticipated breach attempts and common phishing emails, we establish systems that provide real-time alerts and reporting to know when to escalate a threat response. With more than 25 years of experience, CyberTeam provides industry-leading cybersecurity consulting services. These are surprising benefits companies gain by leveraging our services.

1: Improves Your Data Management

Running a business in the digital age makes data a core resource. It’s also the prized asset hackers relentlessly try to pilfer off. Although business professionals may not see the relationship between data management and protection at first blush, they are inherently linked. For example, an IBM study indicates it can take upwards of 280 days to identify and contain a hack. Without a robust cybersecurity strategy to repel intruders, a criminal could be managing your data.

2: Maintain Regulatory Compliance

When business leaders make the call to bring in a cybersecurity consultant, the primary goal is data protection. They quickly learn that cybersecurity and regulatory compliance go hand in hand. The cybersecurity strategy a consultant develops and implements covers government and industry data protection requirements. Organizations already have to invest in data privacy mandates. A consultant ensures you meet the standard without incurring additional expenses.

3: Prevent Website Downtime

An organization’s online presence is tantamount to its calling card. The best platforms articulate what a company stands for and seamlessly orchestrate digital commerce. But company leaders do not always make the connection between cybersecurity and website crashes.

When hackers manage to plant malicious files inside your network, the effects can spill over into website functionality. In-house IT staff members find themselves scrambling to get the platform back online to avoid embarrassment and lost revenue. A proactive cybersecurity strategy roots out malware and prevents unnecessary website downtime.

4: Supports In-House IT Efficiency

At no fault of their own, IT staff members find themselves acting like firefighters. They spend too much time helping employees get back to work because the latest virus caused an application to fail. It may come as something of a surprise, but on-staff IT personnel are usually open arms to a cybersecurity provider developing and overseeing a strategy. Not only does it take something off their plate, but it also reduces the number of fires they put out.

5: Maintain Reputation and Trust

When cybercriminals breach a business system, they typically gain access to sensitive customer information. They may also be able to use the data stored in company emails to breach the networks of other businesses in your orbit. Inevitably, your organization ends up with a tarnished reputation and loss of trust. Systems can be restored and data can be recovered but reputational damage and the loss of trust cannot. That’s why cybersecurity solutions are necessary.

What a Cybersecurity Consultant Can Do for Your IT Security

At CyberTeam, our managed IT and cybersecurity consulting experts have the experience and technology to protect your company from a data breach. We start by conducting a risk assessment to gain a clear understanding of your system’s strengths and vulnerabilities. Schedule a risk assessment with us and begin the process of improving your defenses.

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