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vCISO Services

Do you need the services of a chief information security officer (CISO) but cannot afford one? Did your CISO recently retire, and you’re finding it difficult to replace that expert? A virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) might be the perfect solution. These are reasons why business leaders could benefit from outsourcing this executive-level position and supporting services.

What is a vCISO?

A virtual chief information security officer provides the same cybersecurity expertise and leadership but from a remote location. As a consultant with intricate knowledge and experience, a vCISO can elevate your cybersecurity strategy. Perhaps British entrepreneur, author, and founder of the IN security Movement, Jane Frankland, explained a vCISO best:

A virtual CISO “is someone who has spent years in the industry, has a wealth of experience having dealt with a wide variety of scenarios, and consults on the management of an organization’s information security. They’re usually engaged to design the organization’s security strategy, and some may manage the implementation. Many also present to the board, key stakeholders, and regulators,” Frankland said.

Highly sought after, few organizations can afford to pay the six-figure salaries that in-house CISOs command. The cost prompts business leaders to outsource the position and enjoy flexible vCISO services that scale to the needs of the business without the set, hard costs of an in-house hire.

What are vCISO Services?

The role of a virtual chief information security mirrors that of an in-house department head. The key difference is that the virtual CISO provides services based on a flexible monthly or annual agreement. A virtual CISO’s duties and responsibilities can be tailored to meet the needs of any enterprise. These are core vCISO services you can anticipate when outsourcing:

Aligning Cybersecurity and Organizational Goals

A cybersecurity program is imperative if a business hopes to prevent financial and reputational losses associated with a data breach. A virtual chief information security officer does more than harden your attack surface. A vCISO provides thoughtful leadership that accounts for wide-reaching moving parts. A company’s cybersecurity best practices are most effective when they help further organizational objectives and profitability. As an essential consultant, a vCISO spends time learning how your operation functions and onboards defensive technologies, tools, and policies that seamlessly support goal achievement.

Commonsense Cybersecurity Reporting

Cybersecurity proves a complex and fast-evolving discipline. The insider language used by experts tends to mystify people outside the technology trades. When you outsource to a virtual chief information security officer, that expert possesses the ability to translate technical cybersecurity elements into accessible water cooler talk.

You can expect regular cybersecurity reports accompanied by a conversation about how the latest issues affect your day-to-day, as well as why certain upgrades or changes are mission-critical. By hiring a third-party firm to handle the cybersecurity architecture, you’ll gain a better understanding of the investment.

Managing Cybersecurity Personnel

One of the benefits of going the vCISO route is the support personnel cybersecurity firms possess. A managed IT and cybersecurity outfit enjoys a staff of highly trained individuals whose business is staying abreast of emerging threats. By working with a vCISO, backed by an expert firm, businesses gain leadership, staffing, and oversight at a fraction of the cost of hiring them.

Prompt Incident Responses

It’s important to understand that cybersecurity revolves around risk management. A determined, skilled, and well-funded threat actor can breach any system if the criminal invests enough time and energy. The goal of a vCISO is to build a defensive posture that discourages hackers.

But should a cybercriminal gain access to user credentials or trick a staff member into clicking on a malicious link or downloading a malware-laced file, the security team must be ready to respond in real time. It may seem daunting, but a virtual chief information security officer is tasked with ensuring ongoing monitoring is in place. Technologies and tools such as AI and machine learning can provide early detection alerts. Quick responses allow the security team to expel threats and minimize losses.

Cybersecurity Awareness and Training

Industry leaders have a decision to make about their cybersecurity posture. You can live with the risk of an employee making a mistake that allows a hacker to breach your system. On the other hand, you could enlist the help of a vCISO to integrate a cybersecurity awareness program. By sharing educational videos, holding video conferences, and sending staff members alerts when threats are imminent, your workers could be a robust frontline defense. Taking advantage of this vCISO service helps create a cybersecurity culture that reduces risk.

What a vCISO Consultant Can Do for Your IT Security

At CyberTeam, our managed IT and cybersecurity consulting experts have the experience and technology to protect your company from a data breach. We start by conducting a risk assessment to gain a clear understanding of your system’s strengths and vulnerabilities. Schedule a risk assessment with us and let’s get the process started.

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