The Value of Cybersecurity Consulting Services

The Value of Cybersecurity Consulting Services

The need for hiring a cybersecurity analyst is expected to surge by 35 percent by 2031, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The lack of certified and experienced personnel makes hiring in-house data teams cost-prohibitive. That’s largely because there was a reported shortage of 3.4 million specialists in 2022, and the gap keeps widening.

Even if a company can find someone, the cost of ongoing training and time spent researching emerging threats makes employing IT cybersecurity staff something of a money pit. If you are concerned about digital thieves burglarizing your network and stealing digital assets at night, it may be worthwhile to consider the value of cybersecurity consulting services.

How Does Outsourcing Cybersecurity Work?

Hiring a cybersecurity analyst to conduct a thorough risk assessment of your network and develop effective defenses has become the rule, rather than the exception. It’s essential to vet consulting firms to ensure you are partnering with experts who are reliable. The best outfits have experienced and certified team members. They also provide 24-7 monitoring and response to back the cybersecurity strategy you implement. Along with protecting against attacks, these are other core functions a cybersecurity consulting firm provides:

  • Tests for vulnerabilities and crafts a systems analysis schedule.
  • Conduct research into the latest hacking threats and implement proactive measures.
  • Work with in-house IT staff members to coordinate cybersecurity policies and efficiencies.
  • Provide leadership teams and stakeholders with actionable information to deter data breaches.

When deciding which firm to partner with, it may be prudent to look for a cybersecurity consulting operation that confirms its staff has met the criteria of a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Certified Information Systems Auditor, and Certified Information Security Manager, among others.

Outsourcing to a third-party firm that meets the criteria of a business owner’s cybersecurity checklist involves brokering a scalable deal. You’ll gain significant value from being able to increase services during busy growth periods while having the flexibility to roll back expenses during traditionally slow ones. The right cybersecurity services provider also has the bandwidth to accommodate your long-term growth.

Benefits of Cybersecurity Consulting Services

The third-party firm you partner with may serve as a default CISO (chief information security officer. In this scenario, entrepreneurs and industry leaders no longer have to keep tabs on daily cybersecurity threats. They can, instead, focus on goal achievement. When you unlock the potential of a managed IT cybersecurity consultant, organizations also gain the following benefits.

  • Save Money: Outsourcing lowers the cost of employees and ongoing cybersecurity education. It makes cybersecurity affordable.
  • Improved Services: Third-party consulting firms focus on cybersecurity in ways employees cannot. Companies gain access to their vast knowledge and experience.
  • Advanced Technologies: A cybersecurity analyst presents information regarding new technologies that can harden your defenses and improve efficiency.
  • Cybersecurity Culture: Part of a comprehensive strategy involves cybersecurity awareness training. A third-party firm can educate your frontline workers and make them part of the company’s defensive posture.
  • Avoid Civil Lawsuits: When a hacker breaches a system, the criminal gains access to sensitive information. Fail to prevent such incursions and you’re risking civil lawsuits.

The value of working with a cybersecurity consulting services firm cannot be understated. For those who are second-guessing the meager defenses they have in place, consider your current threat exposure.

Cyber Threats and the Risk to Your Business

Hackers continue to come up with new schemes to trick employees and breach systems on a daily basis. While the cyber threats to your organization will continue to evolve, these rank among the prevalent attacks.

  • Botnets: Hackers deploy bots to overwhelm a server and seize control. They can also flood a system with malicious applications. In some cases, bots are used in a denial-of-service attack.
  • Malware Attacks: One of the oldest and most common threats, malware files include worms, spyware, adware, trojans, and ransomware.
  • Phishing Emails: These electronic messages are designed to fool employees into providing usernames, and passwords, clicking on malicious links, or downloading malware-laced files.

Sophisticated hackers are using advanced technology against hard-working business owners. But garden variety hackers still use brute force attacks to penetrate vulnerable systems.

What a Cybersecurity Consultant Can Do for Your IT Security

At CyberTeam, our managed IT and cybersecurity consulting experts have the experience and technology to protect your company from a data breach. We start by conducting a risk assessment to gain a clear understanding of your system’s strengths and vulnerabilities. Schedule a risk assessment with us and begin the process of improving your defenses.

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