5 Things You Should Get Out of a Cybersecurity Consultation

5 Things You Should Get Out of a Cybersecurity Consultation

The first step toward protecting your business's valuable and sensitive information involves a cybersecurity consultation. A meeting with a cybersecurity consultant is essentially a job interview that will determine whether the person and cybersecurity services firm are the right fit for your organization.


It’s important to keep in mind there are a wide range of managed IT and cybersecurity firms that specialize in specific areas. Some provide general IT services but do not necessarily possess cybersecurity expertise. In today’s digital climate, hackers have the capability of breaching networks or launching ransomware attacks from anywhere on the planet. Without determined cybersecurity services, your business and livelihood remain in jeopardy.

What Services Does A Cybersecurity Consultant Perform?

Hackers continue to devise new and elaborate schemes to trick employees and use brute force tools to steal digital assets. A cybersecurity consultant provides a specialized service designed to deter hackers from penetrating your system. Consultants also craft a response and recovery plan in the event a highly sophisticated cybercriminal infiltrates your network.

When you opt for cybersecurity services, the idea is to harden your defenses to prevent garden variety hackers from entering. The defenses also need to be robust enough to discourage advanced persistent threats to seek low-hanging fruit elsewhere. An experienced managed IT cybersecurity firm has the knowledge, experience, and people to implement appropriate strategies to keep your data safe.

5 Things You Should Know After a Cybersecurity Consultation

Cybercrime has emerged as a massive industry in which unscrupulous people use their IT skills for ill-gotten gains. More than 422 million individuals were negatively impacted by data breaches in the U.S. last year alone.

Sophisticated hackers target industries based on the value of the digital assets stored on servers that can be sold on the dark web. Low-level thieves use phishing schemes or target small and mid-sized businesses with subpar defenses. The goal is always to make money and online criminals are ambivalent to the hard work you put into making a living for yourself and your loved ones. That’s why it’s crucial to get the following out of a cybersecurity consultation when deciding to hire a third-party firm.

1: What Cybersecurity Services Does the Firm Offer?

The field of managed IT and cybersecurity has largely kept pace with emerging global threats. One of the ways experts provide cybersecurity services is by implementing proactive strategies. These are designed to actively identify risks and craft policies and procedures to close vulnerabilities. The best cybersecurity services firms can also create alert systems and engage in real-time threat response. This is a pay grade above the outdated break-and-fix model used more than a decade ago.

2: Are Scalable Cybersecurity Services Available?

Before sitting down for a cybersecurity consultation, consider where your organization started, its current size, and where you plan to take it. Your operation may also experience seasonal highs that call for expanded managed IT and cybersecurity services. The point is that your managed IT and cybersecurity needs have evolved. Working with a cybersecurity consultant who can deliver flexible and scalable services is a smart business practice.

3: Does Cybersecurity Services include Employee Training?

More than 90 percent of data breaches are the result of an otherwise valued employee falling for a hacking scheme, clicking on a malicious link, or inadvertently downloading a malware-laced file. Too many organizations allow their staff members to be a vulnerability when they could be a strength. A top-tier firm can provide cybersecurity awareness training and help make your team part of the solution.

4: Can Hiring A Cybersecurity Consultant Solve Weak Password Problems?

If you onboard the right managed IT and cybersecurity services firm, the short answer is: Yes. There is an abundance of password software solutions that can be integrated into business systems. Perhaps the simplest way to protect employee login credentials involves two-factor authentication.

This cybersecurity method requires people who enjoy legitimate access to your network to enter a code after entering their username and password. The validation code is sent to a secondary device, usually in the form of a text message. The conventional wisdom is that a hacker may be able to guess a weak password, but the same criminal cannot access the secondary device. That’s just one example of how a cybersecurity services firm can provide enhanced password protection.

5: Who Will Communicate Regarding the Cybersecurity Services?

Cybersecurity professionals have a tendency to come across as secretive. That’s largely because they apply a laser focus to highly technical aspects of a digital system. From a business leader’s perspective, understanding the process and cybersecurity services that are being rolled out is important in terms of decision-making. During your meeting with the cybersecurity consultant, ask yourself whether the person has the right communication skills to be your managed IT and cybersecurity services partner.

What a Cybersecurity Consultant Can Do for Your IT Security

At CyberTeam, our managed IT and cybersecurity consulting experts have the experience and technology to protect your company from a data breach. We start by conducting a risk assessment to gain a clear understanding of your system’s strengths and vulnerabilities. Schedule a risk assessment with us and begin the process of improving your defenses.

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